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Hi, I'm Richard, I had to put what happened on Saturday night, because I believe I can not ! I am married to Karen, so forties - together since they were teenagers and two children. We have always grown a great sex life, very varied and not afraid to experiment, but have never been involved in a third... so far. The three, who came first, years ago, they were just a porn movie was one of the scenes mmf and Karen woke her, it turns me on and asked me to think about Karen: ' You want to do with me?' 'Yes, I would not mind,' I replied, fantasy remained just that until Saturday night. Karen works in a store, and she is friendly with everyone, one of the guys who delivered to him Brian for a couple of years and is known friendship with him, although I had never seen, but I felt like I knew him Karen because I said everything about his finalteens conversation, as he had a bad divorce last year, etc, etc. For Saturday night, they do not go often, but whent the club for a change, we went to some pubs in the city and a. We had been very little time at the club when we came into this guy, who was Brian. Karen introduced us, said, 'I heard all about you ', ' Ditto !' I replied. Brian for a couple of drinks it offers and Karen went to the ladies, said, finalteens ' if I do not mind saying that there is a beautiful woman, you're a very lucky man,' was Karen and talked and drank, and generally a little older than us British to build quite large, medium and finalteens was very nice, I could see why he liked Karen. As the night went to the club is busier and louder and we had enough of the place, bri suggested that returned to her for a drink, so they got into a taxi and ten minutes later we arrived at the Brian 's house. We entered, 'you feel at home, I will have a drink,' he said. 'Very finalteens nice place ' I said, 'yes, we were both right, yes,' he said. There was a large modern sofa floor, opposite a very impressive film, I have been divorcedgot up to finalteens watch it closely, British arrived in their drinks ' good system bri ' I ', said yes and I spent much time on my own, so I'm a bit of a monster movie, but the drawer below and see what I mean 'I opened the large box and filled with DVDs, and Bri - karen speaking as I flicked through the Collecton, I noticed some porn! ' What's all this then ? ' I laughed, 'oh shit I finalteens forgot, this works, my friend in Holland and brings me back,' Karen, shame, he said, 'Do not worry Bri see it all the time ' blew up, apparently, to drink a little braver. ' We have so few to do? ' I asked, 'so I do not care if you do this,' said Bri, I looked at Karen, 'Oh, why not, ' he said, and went into a record and the action started and what was it? mmf some of good quality. We sat silently glued to the screen, after about ten minutes into the second stage began, more of the same, I finalteens knew that Karen was hot because he could not sit in silence suddenly came. After breaking the ice Statesmannt, 'are happy girls, all that male attention,' he continued, I looked over Britain, smiled and raised his eyebrows, 'and tonight girl could be happy, even if they wanted, they could be British ? ' I just reach it in the same way they did! ' Or it could,' he said, 'ok then, makes me happy,' she turned around and gave him a big kiss on my lips, 'Why do not you go to show, Bri, what a sucker 're fantastic cock, 'I told Bri, the rose, opened his trousers and put down a side shot, there was a hardening cock into his pants and Karen, the shape of your fingers through the fabric , which pulled the elastic waistband and pushed further down. Bris cock was fully erect, measuring about 7 'thick and cut out a lot, I saw about 8 British. 5 ' thick and cut well, with the biggest pair of balls hanging I think I've ever seen, ' mmm very nice ' Karen said putting in a kneeling position on the couch: ' I'm glad you agree, 'saidbri. I sat there, mesmerized, as my wife went to another rooster used to work right in front of me, licking and sucking up and down along his shaft and sucking on big, finalteens heavy balls. My cock was bursting, so it sa moving slowly and masturbate to this amazing show. Bri has been loving that groans and rolls her head wth pleasure, I moved next to Karen and began to undress showing her 36d, British looked and said, 'Wow, I have wondered what they were like them better than I am,' says, leaning forward and presented begun, are caresses, Karen let out a little ' mmm'to show their approval. I was now naked except for her thong, I lay on the couch and pulled my hand under her long fingers around the sign that dropped it next to the buttocks, and then I slid my hand under to play with her ​​pussy, she was soaked, wetter than I've ever met, I began to rub her finalteens clit very bri benefits from it than actually increased the rate of sucking, as she has orgasms. dropped back' Now I want to get in the back', as evidenced by his beautiful ass on all fours on the British returned, said he looked at me said ' I invite you,' emotion to a position where I could see were, as Brian grabbed by the tail, and drove between the lips of my wife, thick head stretching her pussy while gradually relaxes on her, she moaned with pleasure as little by little, his penis out of his finalteens disappearance was completely up to big balls he began to withdraw his penis, shiny with moisture, constantly bomb you. I started moving around to sit around the bed and Karen started taking her mouth magic in my work of Dick, it was not long before I started coming to Karen greedily swallowed as I shot my seed in your mouth, I think this finalteens had an impact in English, as he started to moan, 'wait, give back,' I said I wanted a different look to my wife with another cock Mans her. Karen turned her legs wide knealt, British between her thighs and pushed his throbbing cock finalteens again now shines in the seminal fluid mand wives of the vagina while slipping in and out I rubbed her clit, in seconds came again, the British sent over the advantage it gave finalteens a few blows, and put his finalteens hands behind his back bent knee Karen finalteens correctly and puts pressure on the couch, I went behind him to a later hearing he held this position still, my wife is not able to move his office to get, then he began to moan, I could see the basis of their spasms and twitching tail the way of bullets contained large, heavy pumping my wife had the unprotected belly, as this was happening Karen squeaks little as bri published its position and pulled his cock soft and my wife said he had never known a stronger ejaculation as there are legs and lips spread finalteens to reveal a river went out of his creamy sperm, British apologized and said he had been with anyone since his wife and had masturbated only a few sometimes it does not do much for him that was so, why he had come so hard and with so much, said Karen, whom he loved, he felt a kind of plEasur pain as he climaxed. We clean and we had another drink and went home, but not before we managed to repeat next week!
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